Kevin's P@SOTI Prediction log page

The following predictions have been made so far

On 11/04/2024:16:57 \ Ray Stidwell\Argyle: 2  Leicester: 1\Scorers: Hardie Whittaker Mumba Randell\First Scorer: Whittaker\Comments: 
On 11/04/2024:18:20 \ Lesmin\Argyle: 2  Leicester: 1\Scorers: Whittaker Hardie Edwards Scarr\First Scorer: Whittaker \Comments: 
On 11/04/2024:18:29 \ Lev Yashin\Argyle: 3  Leicester: 2\Scorers: Whittaker-Hardie-Bundu-Scarr\First Scorer: scarr\Comments: 
On 11/04/2024:19:42 \ Argylegames\Argyle: 0  Leicester: 4\Scorers: Whittaker Mumba Hardie Bundu\First Scorer: Whittaker\Comments: Doomed - we're doomed ah tell ye!
On 11/04/2024:20:01 \ Lundan Cabbie\Argyle: 0  Leicester: 2\Scorers: Bundu Hardie Whitaker Randell\First Scorer: Whittaker\Comments: 
On 12/04/2024:10:59 \ Tom Cobbley\Argyle: 2  Leicester: 1\Scorers: Hardie Whittaker Bundu\First Scorer: Hardie\Comments: 
On 12/04/2024:13:39 \ Colin_Harris\Argyle: 2  Leicester: 1\Scorers: Whitaker Hardie Waine Randell \First Scorer: Whitaker \Comments: 
On 12/04/2024:14:26 \ lipsonlad67\Argyle: 0  Leicester: 3\Scorers: Hardie Whittaker Mumba Waine\First Scorer: Whittaker\Comments: 
On 12/04/2024:14:32 \ Keepitgreen\Argyle: 2  Leicester: 0\Scorers: Hardie Whittaker Bundu Randell\First Scorer: Hardie\Comments: Mrs KIG says "Keep the faith."