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Kevin's P@SOTI Sweepstake Page
Until the start of the season:    Until the end of the season:

Kevin's P@SOTI Sweepstake Page - Rules since 2021-2022

						Join in the whole-season sweepstake game! 
						How it works... 
						You input your match forecast before each game.
						There is a matchday deadline of two hours before kickoff - no entries will be accepted after this time. 
						If you forecast the correct result you will be awarded 5 points.
						If you get the score right you will be awarded a further 5 points. 
						The person whose attendance forecast is nearest to the actual attendance
						will also get 5 points.(This will apply even if their other forecasts were wrong.) 
						The person whose away attendance forecast is nearest the actual away attendance
						will get 2 points.
						One bonus point will be awarded for every ARGYLE player you name who scores FOR Argyle. (Naming 
						of more than FOUR (4) players will be regarded as an attempt to cheat and will result in no 
						bonus points in this category.) 
						If you correctly forecast the first Argyle scorer you will be awarded a further 5 points.
						(This does NOT mean you can name a fifth Argyle scorer! - doing so will be treated as above!)
						If you correctly predict the time of the first goal of the game (whoever scores) you will get an extra 2 points.
						(Goals scored in added on time will be considered as being scored in the 45th or 90th minutes as appropriate.
						Exact Minutes ONLY
						FA Cup games which go to extra time at 0-0 will not count for this bonus.)
						If no-one gets the first goal time correct, the bonus will go to those nearest to the time
						One point will be awarded for entering a forecast for any particular game. (So you will still 
						get something even if your forecast is totally wrong) 	
						Multiple entries will be treated as before, the last one entered will be the one that counts. 
						No entries will be accepted after the match deadline. (Two hours before the published game start time.) 
						The competition will only be run for League games, and for the F.A. Cup games. 
						Friendlies and other cup competitions will not count. 
						The sweepstake scores will be published by Argylegames on the Predictions

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